While you’ve figured out by now that we do taxes, most of our work falls into one of three categories.

Tax Compliance

The bulk of this work is what most people think of when they see a CPA – preparing and filing tax returns. Much of this work takes place between February and April as well as around other filing deadlines.

Tax Planning

To minimize surprises when it comes time to file those tax returns, we spend much of our time managing and monitoring your current tax situation and preparing tax projections to help minimize tax liabilities. We communicate regularly with you and are on call to talk with you and your other advisors about tax matters throughout the year.

Special Tax Projects

From time to time, we are called upon to perform work that falls outside of our normal tax planning and compliance services. This can include dealing with IRS audits or requests, working with estate executors to prepare tax returns for the estates of deceased taxpayers, consulting with attorneys in various practice areas around their clients’ tax concerns, and other projects as they arise.

How We Deliver Our Services

Fixed Fee Pricing

Unlike many in the tax profession, we don’t believe in tracking and billing for hours spent doing work. Our fixed-fee approach allows you to anticipate annual costs up front, and not worry about what you will be charged to ask questions or get updates during the year. And if something unexpected arises, we will discuss the cost of providing that service in advance with you before we proceed. It seems only fair to us that you know what you are paying for your tax services in advance like nearly every other purchase you make.


We believe in letting technology work for us when it makes sense, so if you are not a fan of stacks of paper, you are in the right place. We take advantage of password-protected portals for document transfer, video chats to keep you out of traffic, and email communications. This doesn’t mean that we won’t chat with you on the phone or meet with you if needed, but we think you’ll find our use of technology refreshing, saving you time and making for a more collaborative relationship.