As you’ve likely noticed, I hold a designation in financial planning in addition to a CPA license. Although I stick to the realm of taxes in my work, having a solid understanding of the broader financial planning process, and its benefits, allows me to have more useful conversations and meaningful relationships with my clients and their other advisors.

What is financial planning? Despite the common misconception, it’s more than just investment management. The goal of a thorough financial plan is to create a financial blueprint for building the lifestyle you want. It takes into account not just investments, but also retirement needs, estate planning issues, insurance, and even taxes. With this blueprint in place, a knowledgeable and caring financial planner works with you along the way to execute the plan and make adjustments as needed. When my clients include a financial planner on their team, it helps me give better advice in the context of the long-term financial picture. Having this person on your team is about so much more than picking stocks.

If you’re on the fence about working with a financial planner, I would love to hear from you! We can discuss any financial concerns you may have and brainstorm approaches to tackling them, including how working with a planner might help. We can also walk through the benefits and costs of including this person on your team. If you’re ready to take a long-term approach to your finances, working with a financial planner may be for you.