We are focused on working with clients that have a collaborative mindset and appreciate having a knowledgeable, no-nonsense and trustworthy professional in their corner.

We understand that whether you are a business owner, individual, or estate executor, you are going to have tax questions. And although your questions may be the same as others, appropriate solutions will be unique to your specific situation. Our goal is to help you make optimal decisions by providing clear explanations and the information you need to fully understand your tax situation.

Although our clients have a variety of situations and needs, there are a few areas where we have a particularly high level of expertise.

High Earners/High Net Worth Individuals

Whether through employment, inheritance, smart investments, or a combination, folks who are accumulating or have accumulated significant wealth often have complicated tax situations. From strategies around stock options to understanding the implications of portfolio rebalancing, we work with you and your financial advisor for optimal tax outcomes.

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Small Business Owners

As small business owners ourselves, we understand how challenging it is juggle everything that comes at you on an average day. For most, tax planning can take a back seat to more pressing issues. We can carry that burden for you so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

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Estate Executors

We specialize in helping families of a deceased relative prepare and file their final tax returns. Financial advisors, estate attorneys and other trustees value our thorough, yet compassionate, approach, helping the family close that chapter in their loved one’s life. We also assist corporate trustees, understanding that taxes are just one of the many components of their work of administering and closing out an estate.

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