Strickland Webster

Handling the Business Side of a Law Firm


When Sydney Strickland and Leigh Ann Webster decided to start their law firm, Strickland Webster LLC, they knew they would need some help with the business side of things. “We were attending the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers’ meetings to build our network when we met Alicyn,” says Leigh Ann. “Right away we could tell she understood our type of business and what we were trying to accomplish. We knew we were good attorneys, but we had no idea what we were doing in starting a firm. She understood that scenario.”


Alicyn was there to hold their hands the entire way. “Sydney was very concerned about the best way to handle our taxes and wanted to make certain we were in strict compliance with everything we did.” Having Alicyn there helped eased their minds. “She helped us figure out how to best classify ourselves for tax purposes and walked us through things like how to pay ourselves and make money from our business.” They also appreciate how she keeps them on track. “She’s definitely a Type A personality and makes sure we’re doing everything properly. Like all business owners, we can procrastinate about these things, but she’s there to keep us in check and make sure nothing falls by the wayside.”


Today, the law firm of Strickland Webster, LLC runs smoothly and efficiently thanks, in part, to Alicyn’s guidance. “Our taxes are paid and filed, and she found us a great bookkeeper to manage our day-to-day finances too. Frankly, she keeps the business side of our practice running. This is not our area of expertise, so we are thrilled to have her looking out for us.” The two attorneys expect to continue working with Alicyn and Atlanta.Tax well into the future. “She’s someone we’ve come to rely on, and we know we can trust her judgment. Because of this, we’ve already referred her to several colleagues.”

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