Paul Black

Moving Beyond Tax Advisor


When Paul Black met Alicyn McLeod in 2013, he immediately thought she was sharp and approachable. At the time, his firm was working with other CPAs, but when he started his own law practice, he reached out to Alicyn right away. “I wanted to work with someone I knew could provide the tax advice I needed for me and my growing practice, and I felt she was the one who could help.”


Upon hiring Alicyn, she set to work looking at Paul’s numbers to provide clarity on the taxes he should be paying. “She was able to find ways to save money that I would have never found on my own and explain the process in plain English.” For example, Alicyn recently referred Paul to a person to purchase tax credits. “The savings I will receive through these credits will more than pay for her fees this year, and I wouldn’t have found this avenue otherwise.” The work she does goes far beyond providing tax advice too. “She is pushing me further into forecasting so I can make more informed decisions about my firm; it’s challenging but well worth it,” Paul said.


Paul describes the difference of working with Alicyn as palpable. “Rather than just getting a return in a folder, she asks in-depth and involved questions and wants to understand more so she can find ways to help me run a stronger practice. Her listening skills and personality make her a better CPA than others I’ve worked with in the past.” He goes on to describe Alicynas a strategic partner in his firm – someone he can rely on if he needs to discuss important business decisions. “I know I can call upon her when I need to know the tax impact of any major business decision. She’s responsive and reliable, and I’ve referred her to dozens of clients and colleagues and will continue to do so.”

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