Lorrie Thomas Ross

Finding Someone Who Actually Listens


Lorrie Thomas Ross, aka The Marketing Therapist®, is the CEO of her firm Web Marketing Therapy. On a daily basis she partners with clients to provide digital marketing solutions. A few years ago, a client of hers, a CPA, was sharing a few things that clients might want to do to minimize tax liability for a content marketing project she was helping him with. “Lorrie thought, ‘Why is my CPA not telling me these things? I found myself going to my previous CPA and asking about tax-saving ideas that I heard about from my clients, when I really wanted him to come to me with suggestions.” Lorrie realized that ultimately, he really didn’t understand the nature of her business and was never going to be the proactive resource she needed.


“I had recently brought in a new bookkeeper, and he was doing a great job. When I asked him for recommendations for a new CPA, without hesitation he suggested Alicyn McLeod.” Trusting her bookkeeper’s judgment, she immediately reached out to Alicyn. The first thing Alicyn did was review the current financials of the business and see what had been done in the past. “The onboarding process with Alicyn was very easy,” says Lorrie. “Once Alicyn had gone through everything, she created a report and walked me through it. It was incredibly helpful and showed me where there was room for improvement and provided options for moving forward.”


Since bringing Alicyn into the fold, Lorrie has greater confidence in the business decisions she makes. “Last year was the first time in years that doing my taxes wasn’t painful, and I didn’t have to beg for updates and information. It was fabulous.” And as Lorrie’s team at Web Marketing Therapy emphasizes holistic solutions, so, too, does Alicyn. “She provides me with the information I need to know to make decisions and is always looking out for new opportunities that I can take advantage of.” Additionally, Lorrie loves the fact that Alicyn actually gets what she does and is supportive of her company and its growth. “She understands what marketing is about and understands the various facets of my business. And while I didn’t hire her because of her gender, I like that we can talk frankly with each other about being professional women business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s great that we have that sort of camaraderie, and I look forward to working with her for years to come.”

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