Dan Frey

I Finally Found an Accountant with Both Head & Heart


Dan Frey is a busy guy. He and his wife have run their digital printing company, Greenlight Communications, for the last 10 years, and is also a partner in Giant Worldwide, a consulting firm that helps other businesses develop strong leaders, teams and cultures. In the past, he had found accountants to be mostly transactional, doing the job they are hired to do, but not willing to get involved in his businesses and serve as an advisor, even when he asked them to take on that role. Then he met Alicyn McLeod, and the third time was the charm. “Alicyn had the knowledge we needed, but she was also curious about what we wanted our life to look like and what we valued outside of work,” said Dan. He immediately knew he had found a kindred spirit and someone who would go beyond the transactions and look at the big picture.


Alicyn jumped right in, looking at past filings and learning more about Dan’s businesses. “She did a great job of understanding our current situation in a way that we all got aligned on how we should move forward. And once we got aligned, she owned it,” Dan explained. Alicyn’s value pricing model was appealing to Dan, since he loved that he could pick up the phone and ask her questions as they arise. “I find her level of responsiveness unbelievable. I tend to be all over the place, and that doesn’t faze her,” Dan said. Another area where Dan was immediately pleased was with her proactive approach, and the way she would reach out to him to ensure that his tax planning was on track, nudging him to make decisions when needed. “Strong leaders have to be both head and heart, and she is both. I could tell she was competent, but her character built chemistry. She did a great job of immediately showing character, competence, credibility and chemistry,” explained Dan.


So where is Dan today? Alicyn not only serves as his trusted business tax advisor and planner, but also helps him and his wife manage their personal tax compliance, looking at both as one big picture. By reviewing both personal and business tax decisions together, Alicyn can make recommendations on how to adjust both to decrease their overall tax burden. “Alicyn gives me peace of mind. Ultimately, she makes my life easier and enhances its quality. She allows me to be creative in how I run my business and helps us manage our growth and tax requirements. We love that she is talented in areas where we aren’t, so together we can make the best decisions for our business and life,” Dan praised.

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