Beth Kearns

Discovering the Perfect “Go-To” Advisor


As President and CEO of her own technology solutions consulting company, Triniti Consulting, Beth Kearns understands the importance of having the input and guidance of targeted expertise. When she decided to start her business five years ago, she knew she needed an accounting expert who could help her hit the ground running. “It was important to me that I surround myself with leaders in the fields where I needed help,” says Beth. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, she reached out to a few people she knew through previous jobs and networking efforts, including Alicyn. “She was someone I had worked with before, and I recalled her being sharp and easy to work with,” Beth says. She contacted Alicyn, and in no time the two were putting their heads together to help Beth’s business take off.


To get things started, Alicyn worked with Beth to establish target business objectives and revenue goals as well as thoroughly evaluating the processes she already had in place. From the start, Beth knew she’d made the right decision in choosing to work with Alicyn. “In our discussions, I saw how responsive she is. She even wants to know what is going on outside of her scope of responsibility in the event she can help out in any way,” Beth shares. “She quickly became my ‘go-to advisor’ for any business decisions I needed to make.” From there, Alicyn helped Beth look at her different tax planning options and get her accounting systems up and running. In addition, she introduced Beth to legal and financial professionals who would support her business plan and help keep her moving in the right direction.


Today, Beth is running a successful company thanks, in part, to Alicyn’s support and guidance. “To be honest, when I decided to start this business, I thought I may need to work with a larger firm, but I’m so glad I trusted my gut and selectedAlicyn. It’s not about the size of the firm, it’s about the quality of the individuals in it, and she is the best. I really love working with her and that’s why she’s my #1 business advisor since starting the company.” And when Beth bought out her business partners recently, Alicyn was the first person she contacted for advice. “She was there from the very start of that process to discuss options, strategy and planning. She provides so much insight, even in areas that are outside her immediate purview – she’s invaluable to me and my company.”

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