Barry Spurlock

Fresh Eyes & Proactive Approach Lead to Better Tax Planning


Barry Spurlock is the owner of Spurlock & Associates, a consulting engineering firm that specializes in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems for commercial, educational, institutional and light industrial buildings in the Southeast. A few years ago, he was looking for a new accountant when his long-time CPA retired. He and Alicyn had volunteered together at at a non-profit organization, where she served as treasurer. Barry was impressed with her work and asked her if she could handle his business taxes going forward. “She had done such an outstanding job and showed that she was extremely competent and knowledgeable. On top of that, we just got along very well, too,” Barry shared.


Alicyn started by meeting with the company’s bookkeeper and office manager, reviewing back tax returns and the business books for the last few years. She came back to Barry with a number of suggestions and ideas that their old accountant has not thought of, which impressed Barry from the start. “I liked how Alicyn looked at my company finances and taxes with fresh eyes. Because she stays up-to-date of all the changes in tax law, she was able to give us advice that really helped us out,” Barry said. “There were things that we mentally questioned for years, and she quickly picked up on some changes that needed to be made; I was impressed by that.”


Alicyn also works with Barry on his personal taxes, offering suggestions on how he can do things differently for a better result. And now, after nearly 50 years in business, Barry is starting to think about retirement and is working with Alicyn to ensure a smooth transition. “She has done such a fantastic job,” Barry said. “I recommend her highly and will continue to do so.”

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