About Atlanta Tax

When it comes right down to it, Atlanta.Tax exists for one primary reason: to manage taxes for those who care about their money.

For some, this means having the funds necessary to run a successful business. For others, it means planning for a future where money is not a concern. Others still need someone they can trust to simply take care of their taxes for them and offer input and advice when needed.

Whatever the motivation, we take pride in the level of trust we develop with those who appreciate the proactive approach we take to tax planning. We become an extension of our clients’ businesses and families, always keeping their best interests and long-term goals in mind so the advice we give is apt and on target.

We are big believers in transparency as well and think you should understand what to expect when entering a relationship with Atlanta.Tax. With that goal in mind, we have created a document that explains how to get started with us as well as one that details how we work with our clients. Feel free to download either (or both!) and contact us with any questions!

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Be Useful

CPAs are known for being intelligent, detailed and resourceful. But communication is often not their strong suit. We are different. We see ourselves as educators as much as tax professionals. It isn’t our job to make decisions for you, but it is very much our job to educate you on all your options and potential outcomes so you can make informed decisions for yourself.

To this end, we stay on top of legal and economic changes that impact your tax situation, so we can update strategies and communicate suggested changes in a timely manner. We regularly attend professional education events as well, so we can hone our technical abilities and learn from others in the profession.

But we also understand that all the education, credentials and experience in the world is meaningless if we don’t understand your wants and needs. We ask questions and carefully listen to the answers we receive to uncover concerns and goals, so we can deliver applicable and effective strategies to reduce tax liabilities, resolve tax notices and other issues, and meet compliance requirements.

Respond Quickly & Inform Regularly

Questions and concerns are most effectively addressed when timely addressed. We commit to respond to your emails and phone calls within 24 business hours, and if we are away, we will respond within 24 business hours of returning to the office.

Most of our work is done remotely, which allows us to respond quickly and spend more time focused on client work and less time in transit to and from meetings. This is not to say we don't ever meet with clients in person, but we do try to be respectful of your time – and ours – and take advantage of online options for conversations as much as possible.

We reach out through our newsletters, which allow us to communicate new tax law developments and address common issues as they arise. We correspond with personal emails and phone calls to discuss tax-related concerns that are unique to you.

Because returns that are filed late can have serious consequences, we file as far in advance of due dates as possible and allowable by your schedule and receipt of information from third parties. We do not file extensions due to internal scheduling conflicts – only if you request it or if all the information needed to file an accurate return will not be received in time to meet the original filing date.

Work Together

While tax is what we focus on, we also realize that it is only one aspect of your financial health. Because of this, we cheerfully work with your other advisors – lawyers, financial planners, bankers, bookkeepers and more – to ensure we are obtaining optimal, big picture results.

To really do our jobs and provide effective and timely tax advice, we need to regularly interact with our clients. We can’t give meaningful advice in a bubble! As such, we expect our clients to work with us by responding in a timely manner to our requests and answering honestly – and completely – to our questions. By working together, we will be in a much stronger position to provide the best advice possible!

Show Enthusiasm

We know it may sound crazy, but we really do get jazzed about tax planning. And we’ve found that this passion is contagious. If you dread talking to your advisor, you will put it off as long as you can. We want you to look forward to talking to us, so you are comfortable bringing issues to us as they arise so we can address them immediately, not when they get so bad you are forced to do something. We really do enjoy talking to our clients and enjoy answering their questions, hearing their success stories and resolving their conflicts.

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