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3 Steps to Protect your Business’ Sensitive Information

Guest post by Danny Tobon, President, Tsquared Technologies A data breach could become a nightmare for any company, especially for small businesses that may not be prepared to face cyber...
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The Intersection of Death and Taxes in the 2020 Presidential Election

Guest post by Elizabeth Lambert Cox, attorney, Scroggin & Company, P.C. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential-candidate, Vice President Joe Biden, have strikingly different perspectives on the tax law changes...
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10 Tax Facts You Should Know But Probably Don’t

As a society, we’re not really taught much, if anything, about taxes in high school or college. My first personal experience of preparing my tax returns while working through college...
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The Ever-Changing World of Student Loans

Guest post by Financial Coach, Meagan Landress, CSLP® Due to both COVID19 relief and other long-standing Department of Education (DoE) goals, student loans have been rocked with changes this year....
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