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Does Location Matter When It Comes to Taxes?

Guest post by Laurie Marson, CPA, Marson Accounting, Consulting and Tax Services PLLC Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many workers were starting to enjoy the flexibility of remote work....

Deducting Business Use of Your Vehicle

I’m often asked by small business owners how they can get the most tax benefit for using their vehicles in their businesses, and there are a few different ways to...
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How Estimated Taxes for Individuals Work

Many of our clients make estimated tax payments. Part of our job is to help them determine when to make these payments and how much to pay. What are estimated...
The 3d words What's Your Plan asking you if you're prepared to implement an idea and strategize a solution for success in achieving a goal or overcoming an obst

Find Your Pathway to Success by Creating a Simple Plan

Guest post by Sue Groszkiewicz, Accountable for Change Living through this period of Covid-19 is creating a lot of anxiety for many people while others have a lot of extra...
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