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Are You Going To Get a Check?

We’ve had quite a bit of federal legislation pass recently. Some of it is tax related. I will be talking in more detail about the tax components in a later...
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Keeping You Informed About Tax Changes

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends: The evening of Friday, March 20, the IRS provided even more details and clarification on 2019 tax return filings and payments. As with previous commentary,...

Update on April 15th Federal Tax Deadline

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends: Two posts in two days! The IRS offered some more details and clarification yesterday, March 18th, 2020, so here are more answers to some questions...
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We Are All In This Together…Tax Answers and a Whole Lot of “It Depends” in the age of Coronavirus

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends: While we are receiving many “Closed” emails right now, this is an “Open” email. I am here and want to help you. I understand that...
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